Jul 082011

dcsVault – Your off-site backup solution!

dcsVault is an off-site backup solution that will enable your small or large business to securely backup your data to our data center. Now you will no longer need to worry about backup hardware and maintaining a media library.

Installation is a snap. dcsVault’s online backup service starts on a scheduled interval and works quietly and continuously in the background to keep your data secure! If your computer crashes, don’t worry, we have a copy in our data center that we can transmit back to your office, remote location or even copy the data to a CD/DVD/Tape if you need it.

You can rest easy knowing your critical business data is being backed up to an off-site location each day.

Fire, Hurricane, Hardware Failure, Water Damage…none of these will keep you from retaining your data.


  • Hands-off backups of your critical data
  • Monthly reports on usage and files right in your inbox
  • Avoid expensive backup hardware and software
  • No longer worry about maintaining on site backups and media
  • Free installation and setup for you company
  • No upgrade fees for backup software
  • Backup plans can grow with your business
  • Yearly plan pricing is available.

Need more information on dcsVault. Feel free to give us a toll-free phone call at 1(866) 219-0727

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