Apr 112013

Unplugging your electronics during a thunderstorm may seem old-fashioned, but you can save yourself lots of grief by keeping them off the power grid during storms.

Surge protectors help, but are not bullet proof. After all, if your equipment is not plugged in, it can’t be hurt.

Don’t forget to remove the phone line from your pc or dsl modem. Phone lines are the number one way computers get zapped.
Also unplug all connected equipment like printer’s, scanners, etc.


  • Plug all your connected equipment into one power strip
    This way you can just unplug the power strip.
  • Be care of the phone line.
    If a phone line connects to your equipment, remove it
  • Watch for MFP that fax
    If you have an all-in-one printer, watch for the fax line too.
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