Dec 092011

Everything you need to sell online!

Whether you need to sell just a few artistic pieces, or if you have thousands of articles for sale… we can get you online quickly and have you selling your products in no time

  • Easy store setup
  • Quick product updates
  • Paypal
  • Many payment options
  • Shipping integration
  • Product attributes (color, size, etc)
  • Low percentage cost
  • Integration with client management system (CRM)


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Dec 072011

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s combined desktop, laptop and tablet operating system.

It’s designed to go from 10-inch touch-only tablets to big screens in your living room.

It can also be deployed on the new ultra-portable notebooks  and business desktops.

Here is a great online preview from the developers

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Dec 072011

Want to integrate facebook with your website?

Look no further, we can offer you a tight integration with facebook for logins, comments, likes , etc.

From Your Site:

  • Facebook login from my site
  • Facebook likes from my site
  • Facebook comments on my site
  • Facebook fanpage on my site.

We can also help you get your website integrated with Twitter (read more here)

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Dec 062011

siteProdigy is being updated to version 2.0

We’re adding many new features:

  1. Drag-and-drop sorting of pages
  2. Drag-and-drop sorting of gallery images
  3. New AJAX powered system to provide a faster and more rich program.
  4. Store and e-commerce packages
  5. External linking from the main menu.
  6. Much more to be announced!

The release will be announced here.

siteProdigy site builder!

siteProdigy offers complete easy-to-build website packages and includes hosting, email addresses, statistics and much more.

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Jul 282011

Someone has managed to get into your yahoo account and is spamming your friends.

1st Thing: Change Yahoo Password
Click Here

2nd: Be sure to have your computer checked for virus or key-loggers

3rd: Check your  account again. Sometimes people who have gained access to your email account will set themselves up to receive email notifications of password changes. Then they login again and change your password to something else.

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Jul 082011

dcsVault – Your off-site backup solution!

dcsVault is an off-site backup solution that will enable your small or large business to securely backup your data to our data center. Now you will no longer need to worry about backup hardware and maintaining a media library.

Installation is a snap. dcsVault’s online backup service starts on a scheduled interval and works quietly and continuously in the background to keep your data secure! If your computer crashes, don’t worry, we have a copy in our data center that we can transmit back to your office, remote location or even copy the data to a CD/DVD/Tape if you need it.

You can rest easy knowing your critical business data is being backed up to an off-site location each day.

Fire, Hurricane, Hardware Failure, Water Damage…none of these will keep you from retaining your data.


  • Hands-off backups of your critical data
  • Monthly reports on usage and files right in your inbox
  • Avoid expensive backup hardware and software
  • No longer worry about maintaining on site backups and media
  • Free installation and setup for you company
  • No upgrade fees for backup software
  • Backup plans can grow with your business
  • Yearly plan pricing is available.

Need more information on dcsVault. Feel free to give us a toll-free phone call at 1(866) 219-0727

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Jul 072011

Does your technology keep you awake at night?

What’s the best way to grow our network?
How can my computers save me money?

Let the techs at DCS help you understand the technology your business already has. Most people use the very basics of what a computer can actually do. With the right consultant, you can learn how to leverage those computers to do more work for you.

Give us a call: Your technical solution has been found…

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Jul 072011

Digital Core Solutions provides quality hosting services.

Choosing the Right Group to Design Your Website

Choosing the right web design group can be a very important decision for your business. With DCS we can provide you with follow-up support & quality web site hosting solutions. We’ll take all the technical jargon out of the conversation. You simply focus on the needs of your marketing and DCS will handle the rest. We’ll become your single point of contact for your online presence; a single phone call for your domain, website, hosting & technical programming!

We will take the time to get to know your industry and how your business relates to the field. This way, we can provide you with a powerful solution to your business needs. Let us deliver truly great results for your business. With over 13 years of technical experience, we can provide the highest level of service for:


Dynamic Content

Data Sources

  • html
  • php
  • asp
  • javascript
  • cgi
  • perl
  • dhtml
  • AJAX
  • scripting
  • User Management
  • Stores
  • Galleries
  • CSS (dynamic)
  • MySQL
  • Flat Files
  • XML
  • Rss Feeds
  • SOAP
  • REST

Ask about our FREE hosting for Non-Profit organizations.

We will BEAT any written quote for your new website. Give us a call for your FREE consultation.

 DIY Website Design + Hosting with siteProdigy site builder.

Need a website that you can update yourself? Take complete control of your site using siteProdigy. This site builder was developed 100% in-house. You’re not getting tricked into paying more for a resold service. No Godaddy or eZot services, just 100% genuine programming and services. All hosting, technical design and support is done in-house. siteProdigy is FREE with our basic hosting package of $99.95/year. Read more at

1st Gear Package:

This package will build you a custom web page that gives you a solid internet presence. Consider this a 24 hour-a-day brochure for your business. Anyone can access the site anytime.
COST $99.95

2nd Gear Package:

This package will bring you a 3 page custom website. All menu design, linking, templates and programming included.
COST $299

3rd Gear Package:

This package will bring a 5 page website to you. The price includes all needed creative services, design work, linking, templates, media embedding and programming.
Bring your business to the world and show everyone what you provide.
COST: $449

OverDRIVE Package:

Need something other than what you see above? Give us a call for a free detailed estimate of your new site.
No limits on your site, we’ll generate as many pages as needed, custom program your site for the best possible search engine placement.

You can rely on DCS to handle all of your technical questions regarding your site, promotion and
overall success of your web site.
We offer FREE setup and cost includes your Domain, Hosting, Email and much more!
Our hosting plans start as low as $99.95 per year, we have a hosting plan to meet every need!

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