Dec 072011

Want to integrate facebook with your website?

Look no further, we can offer you a tight integration with facebook for logins, comments, likes , etc.

From Your Site:

  • Facebook login from my site
  • Facebook likes from my site
  • Facebook comments on my site
  • Facebook fanpage on my site.

We can also help you get your website integrated with Twitter (read more here)

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Dec 062011

siteProdigy is being updated to version 2.0

We’re adding many new features:

  1. Drag-and-drop sorting of pages
  2. Drag-and-drop sorting of gallery images
  3. New AJAX powered system to provide a faster and more rich program.
  4. Store and e-commerce packages
  5. External linking from the main menu.
  6. Much more to be announced!

The release will be announced here.

siteProdigy site builder!

siteProdigy offers complete easy-to-build website packages and includes hosting, email addresses, statistics and much more.

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Jul 282011

Someone has managed to get into your yahoo account and is spamming your friends.

1st Thing: Change Yahoo Password
Click Here

2nd: Be sure to have your computer checked for virus or key-loggers

3rd: Check your  account again. Sometimes people who have gained access to your email account will set themselves up to receive email notifications of password changes. Then they login again and change your password to something else.

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