Computer Repair


Computer Service, Repair & Help

Having problems with your computer? Give the techs at C6 a visit. We can help you get your computer running right

  • We have experienced technicians on staff to assist.
  • Help finding a FREE Antivirus solution for your computer.
  • PC Performance tweak: We use proprietary tools we designed to get your computer running it’s best
  • Most parts in stock for quick repairs.

Computer Hardware Problems?

We fix all sorts of hardware problems for laptops, netbooks & desktops.


  • Broken laptop display
  • Broken DC Jack
    • Computer won’t charge
    • Power cord is ‘loose’ on the laptop
  • Missing keys or damaged keyboard
  • Hard drive data recovery/replacement
  • Motherboard Replacement


  • Power supply testing and replacement
  • Video Card and Modem testing, installation or replacement
  • Hard drive data recovery
  • Motherboard Replacement
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